STYLE GURU BIO: Aleksandrea Djokoto

It’s a new year and a new semester as a Style Guru. I’m excited to scout Fashionistas around campus for another five months as well as show off my own style. As a freshman at the University of Florida, this is my first spring semester as both a student and a Style Guru. I’m pursuing a degree in Economics, but my ultimate goal is to become an anesthesiologist. You might me thinking, what are you doing as a writer for CollegeFashionista? Well, the truth is, I love fashion. If you’ve ever talked to a football player about why he plays football, he’ll go on and on about how he lives and breathes the sport. That’s me. Unfortunately, shopping won’t pay the bills or keep me active.

For the new year, the new semester and the new term as a Style Guru, I will live by this quote by Oscar Wilde: “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” As a recovering shopaholic, I am looking forward to the combinations of outfits that I will inevitably create throughout the next couple months. I look forward to the new trends that will come back or be created! As a jeopardy fan and eager college student, I’m also looking forward to learning and experiencing. Whether it be life lessons that I will cherish forever or fun facts that will probably never be useful, I am ready for all that is coming my way.

Brace yourselves for my upcoming articles. I will be writing about some of the trends from runway shows I love as well as the style I find around campus. Maybe you even like my look right now! If so, try it out for yourself: boyfriend jeans, embroidered top, hat and chukkas. Be sure to look out for my articles every Friday and be sure to show love to my fellow Style Gurus and I by radding our articles!