How To Style Double Denim

How To Style Double Denim

Hey, Fashionistas/os! That fashion trend that was considered so wrong? It’s actually so right. We’re talking denim-on-denim. Yes, double denim can be a bit scary at first—I didn’t know if I could pull it off myself, but then I realized it isn’t as intimidating as it seems. However, when it comes to this look, no one wants to relive the Britney and Justin denim duo outfit from 2001. Though this trend has been around for a while, when done right it shouldn’t have to leave anytime soon. Here are my best double denim styling tricks.

The double denim trend is and has evolved from the past and you can make it your own in oh-so-many ways. From office outfits to street wear, don’t be afraid to grab all of your denim pieces and see what you come up with. I love combining of the fabric, especially pairing just the right washes and fits. The appropriate way to wear this look is to pair the right shades of denim together. A lot of dark washes tend to look better on the bottom, while lighter colored shirts on top draw more attention to the body. Another aspect to consider is the fit of your outfit. The key to a good look would be to pair skinny jeans or any slim skirt with a fitted jacket or shirt. Pairing loose jeans and a shirt that doesn’t fit well isn’t the best style.

If you want to pair denim pieces that are similar in color, add accessories to your look. In my outfit above, I’ve paired a darker Tommy Hilfiger denim skirt that I thrifted along with a cropped denim jacket and a cream long-sleeve shirt underneath. Another option with denim is fraying each piece. I cut the end of the denim skirt so it could fray and give off a chic vibe. My denim jacket was also cut so I could crop it, which created a frayed look. My pieces were similar in shade, so I added some sunglasses and black booties. Don’t be afraid to add bold printed booties to this look either—a pop of color can always be considered. My ruffled cream shirt is tied in a knot in the middle to create a cropped look. I added a skinny black belt to my outfit which brought the whole look together.

I love styling denim because it won’t be going out of style for a long time. Double denim can be experimented with in many ways, but remember these tips when putting together your outfit.

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