STYLE ADVICE: Yellow is the New Black

On the way to brunch on a cool, quiet, Sunday morning in New York City, this Fashionista rocked the suitable outfit. What made her look stand out to me was the color palette, the pattern of her black cropped sweater, and her hooped earrings.

She is wearing a cozy cropped sweater that she bought from a thrift store. Next, she is wearing high-waisted, yellow cropped trousers with sandals. She then paired her look with a white blazer and a green little bag with silver studs and chains that she thrifted as well, but I think that a transparent mini backpack can be paired with this outfit too. The transparent mini backpack would add yet another pattern to this unique outfit.

I liked this outfit because of all the right patterns and colors paired together. Starting from the cozy cropped sweater and the yellow, high-waisted pants, the pattern of the sweater and the tie to the side of the pants are so aesthetically pleasing. Plus, the colors complemented each other. I especially loved how the green bag was paired with all of this. I personally would not think of yellow and green paired together for an outfit that I would wear, but this color palette inspired me for future looks. I personally am a victim of pulling all-black looks and thinking black looks good with everything. My advice from the inspiration I got from this Fashionista’s look is to expand your colors!