STYLE ADVICE: When Winter Lets the Sun Shine

February 2nd, 2017 at 2:10am
STYLE ADVICE: When Winter Lets the Sun Shine

There is nothing more satisfying than Mother Nature breaking a weeks-long cycle of January’s winter blues with an unnaturally sunny day. The clouds break and students all over campus begin to crawl out of their dorm room hibernation to frolic in the sweet hints of the approaching spring. Of course, these days usually come one at a time and never manage to stick around any longer, but while they’re there, they should be taken advantage of.

This Fashionista knows how to do just that, with her flawless “in transition” outfit that is as stylish as it is fun. A solid color shift dress with just the right amount of swing makes days like these especially fun, because you just can’t help twirling around in the sunshine. The berry shade is reminiscent of the winter that is yet to come to a true end, which has been filled with similar tints of wine and sangria. Layered with an olive green military-style jacket, this outfit keeps the color palette fairly understated without getting boring.

The taupe ankle booties have some detailing that adds dimension and personality to a winter wardrobe staple. Keeping this basic piece that is essential for the colder months on a day that is unseasonably warm is smart, as the weather is obviously unpredictable. Another essential that this Fashionista incorporates into this look is the over sized leather tote. This bag is big enough to hold all of the daily necessities and then some, but isn’t overpoweringly so. Again, the color scheme in this outfit remains fairly neutral, which is definitely in style this season.

As the weather continues to warm up over the next few months, take some style advice from this look and keep things simple and collected. Layer up with a smart jacket and keep a bag with everything you could possibly need for the unpredictability of the winter to spring transition. Stay comfortable out there, and as always, stay stylish!