Fashion is like the weather; you never know what to expect. Some seasons can be consistent and others, well, it can be kind of tricky to know what’s to come. Every season there is a new trend. Whether it be color blocking or mixing textures, there is always something new or revamped to look forward to.

Here at Western Carolina University, black jeans are taking the mountains by storm, and this article will be your fashion emergency guide; keeping you prepared and aware of the latest forecast.

Black jeans are essential to every wardrobe and make it easier to explore with different colors, fabrics, and even textures. This allows you, the model, to accept a trend but to also add your own personality. As the famous Oscar de la Renta once said, “Fashion is a trend. Style lives within a person.” This Fashionista created a simplistic outfit but because of her use of different detailing, she was able to make it her own.

Her top has a high neckline and a chest cut out which gives her upper body more dimension and structure. As for her bottoms, she is rocking #RAD ripped black jeans which gives her an edgy look which is great for the in between winter and spring weather. As for the Fashionista’s shoes, she is strutting the mountainous scenery with clean, black, laced-up wedges.

This outfit can be worn during the busy life of a typical college student or during the adventures the Fashionistas/os decide to take during the night!