STYLE ADVICE: The Transition Team

STYLE ADVICE: The Transition Team

The weather in Toronto is extremely confusing this time of the year; one day it’s warm enough for a light jacket, and the next requires a parka suitable for a trip to the deep freezer. This often leaves me wondering: what pieces are ideal for both spring and winter weather? The answer, of course, is the transition team.

Transitional pieces make it easy to update our wardrobes according to the weather. This Fashionista puts many of these key clothing items to the test.

Scarves are perfect for keeping us warm in the winter, and can add life to a lackluster outfit on a spring day. But, this multipurpose magician of an accessory can also be used in the summer as a bathing suit cover. It’s clear that no matter how you choose to wear your scarf, it all depends on one variable: The weather.

The leather jacket also plays a key role on the transition team. It’s completely unpractical for cold temperatures, and can be too warm for a spring day, allowing it to fall right in the middle of the equation. A leather jacket goes with almost everything, and can give an outfit a bit of added edge. So, it never hurts to add it on top of an ensemble if the temperature outside is questionable.

This Fashionista chose to finish off her outfit with a pair of booties. Hers are incredibly modern, and the see through heels are playful, in a way that’s very… transitional.

Whether the weather is hot, or whether the weather is cold, remember that there are some items that you can wear almost all year long.