STYLE ADVICE: Stylish Simplicity

STYLE ADVICE: Stylish Simplicity

March is the time for kicking the cold. You’ve been wearing layer upon layer to stay warm. Now, as the snow begins to melt, it’s time to lighten things up. The temperatures are rising and so is your motivation to take an extra few minutes to pick out a cute outfit and dress up a little more than usual.

But how do you put together the perfect outfit to combat the lingering cold morning temperatures without overheating in the middle of class?

This Fashionista shows you that dressing up doesn’t have to be fancy and over the top. Keeping things simple can be more of a statement when paired with the right pieces.

This Fashionista wears a burgundy colored, ribbed turtleneck. This color is perfect for the wintertime, accentuating the natural blush in your cheeks from the brisk wind. Playing off the simplicity of the shirt are her blonde wind-blown curls. Although you may not consider it one, your hair is an accessory. It may be all you need to add that extra little bit of emphasis to your outfit. Her hair’s volume contrasts the figure-hugging shirt while framing her face.

Faced with the tough decision between wearing pants and a skirt in the cold, this Fashionista decided that a faithful pair of tights would do the trick.  A stylish pair of tights is a must-have accessory, perfect to keep your legs warm and add that cute little bit of pizzazz and sass to an outfit.

Her turtleneck is tucked into a front zip, light wash jean skirt; the perfect match to the soft dark black tights. The black of the tights draws one’s attention to the zipper—the focal point of the skirt.

She pairs this outfit with mid-calf black boots. These boots keep her legs warm and protect her feet from the slushy snow she is likely to encounter.

She adds rings to collude with the black color of her tights and boots, and the silver of her skirt zipper. Her rings all have unique details that come to life when paired together.

This Fashionista taught me how dressing up can be so simple. She doesn’t let the fickle temperatures of the western Pennsylvania weather change her fashionable ways.