STYLE ADVICE: Styling Springs Biggest Trends

May 10th, 2017 at 2:00am

Spring is one of the best times of the year. It is the last quarter (or semester) of the school year, the weather is finally nice, and the fashion trends are to die for. Every year, I fall in love with the new trends in spring. Whether it be the colors or the styles, I just love it all!

This past year was a very big year for fashion. Some of my all-time favorite fashion trends have emerged in these past few years and blossomed in just these past few months. Trends like athleisure wear, off-the-shoulder tops, and any and all types of denim are a just few of my favorites. As we entered spring, classic trends like soft, muted tones and floral prints made their comeback, but we were also joined by some other new, amazing trends as well.

Anyone who is anyone will admit that the color of spring is blush pink. Whether it be a top, dress, or pants, this color is all over the fashion world. This Fashionista styles this beautiful suede, blush motorcycle jacket that is a perfect layering piece for spring. Thrown over a classic white T-shirt or even worn as a statement piece, this jacket is perfect for anyone who wants to be on top of one of spring’s biggest trends.

As I mentioned earlier, I am a huge supporter of denim. Everyone loves a good ripped black jean or classic denim jean, but it is the trendy pieces that we all secretly love the most, even if we don’t wear them every single day. This Fashionista is showing off one of spring’s other biggest trends, embroidered denim. This amazing new trend of jeans with different designs embroidered onto them is all over Pinterest and Instagram. Aside from the fact that this trend pertains to denim (my favorite), I am absolutely in love with it. Embroidered denim jeans are a trend that I personally hope will stick around.

One trend that will live on for years to come is booties. I love booties! Heeled booties, short booties, suede booties, leather booties, you name it, and I am on board. This Fashionista completes this trendy spring look with a classic pair of black leather booties. To dress up or even dress down any outfit, booties are the perfect go-to shoe. So grab your favorite (or trendy) pair of jeans, that perfect blush top, and your go-to pair of booties and spend a day outside because it won’t be springtime forever.