STYLE ADVICE: Spring in Columbus

Being from Florida, I’m used to wearing shorts all year round. When I moved to Columbus, Ohio, I found that the weather here is just as unpredictable as the weather in Florida. The only difference is that the weather is either warm or freezing cold here. As spring is slowly approaching, I am glad to know that warmer weather is near—until the weather decided to drop again. For the one week it was about 70 degrees, I was actually wearing clothes that kept me too warm, and then it suddenly dropped back to the 50s. This Fashionista showed us how you can pull through this unpredictable weather, and create a cute comfortable look to wear to class.

This Fashionista wore a long black and white striped shirt and paired it with blue ripped jeans. It was a simple look, but then she added a black faux suede moto jacket. This jacket completed this Fashionista’s comfortable look, because it made her outfit look a little less simple and it also kept her warm.

My favorite part of this outfit are the all-white Stan Smith Adidas. All-white shoes are the most versatile pair of shoes to have in your closet, because you can wear them with almost anything. On top of that, Adidas are very comfortable which is why I wear my own pair of Adidas Superstar sneakers to class every day. The Adidas also add a modern look to this Fashionista’s outfit.

Overall, this Fashionista showed us how you can create a cute and comfortable look to wear to class on a cold day.