STYLE ADVICE: Spring Blues

For this month’s post we have some fresh fashion coming at you from your favorite frat boy (try saying that 10 times fast! Dare I even call him a ‘Fratshionisto’).

Now that the weather in the mid-Atlantic is sunny and has reached the mid to upper 70s, it’s time to break out the khaki shorts and spring blue button-down short sleeved shirts.

This Fashionisto rocks a chambray blue, collared button-down with white polka dots, sunglasses, a blue and silver time piece, and he looks ready to set sail in tan boat shoes (which are a must for fashionable frat men and non-frat men alike). The combination is the epitome of cool and is perfect for a ‘fratty casual’ look for day-to-day wear (and likely to get you a spot on the best dressed list) or can be donned at a more dressed up occasion like Sunday brunch or Easter with the family (as opposed to the cliche pastels).

The outfit can also be paired with tennis shoes or sneakers to make it perfect for an outside gaunt or catching a few innings on a Saturday. Some things you need to avoid to pull off a perfect frat casual look include socks with boat shoes and crazy patterns. You want people to notice you. When it comes to subtle patterns like stripes and polka dots, it’s still best to limit them to one article of clothing per outfit: be it a vest, shirt, pants, etc. The tiny polka dots on this button-down adds the perfect little detail to this outfit!