10 Sorority TikTok Creators To Follow Right Now 

ICYMI: TikTok getting ready videos have never been more popular, and they continue to gain traction amid the spring recruitment season. There is something so mesmerizing about watching a creator put on their makeup, do their hair, and pick out an outfit — all while sharing a good story like a friend on FaceTime. While college creators dominate the TikTok space, sorority creators, especially, have the internet obsessing over their content right now.

After last year’s #BamaRush craze, sorority content continues to be pushed to the forefront of TikTok’s algorithm, and the app’s users can’t get enough of it. Whether you’re looking for some big sister recruitment advice, insight into sorority life, or just on the hunt for high quality makeup recs, these creators are worth the watch. College Fashionista shares 10 sorority TikTok content creators to add to your following list ASAP.

Xandra Pohl

We all know and love Alix Earle, but do you know her bestie, Xandra Pohl? The self identified “crazy blonde Miami DJ,” loves to tell her epic college stories while getting ready for her days at the University of Miami. The senior sorority girl isn’t afraid to hold back when it comes to getting candid with her experiences, and she does so in a hilarious and relatable way.

Andrea Lee

If you’re looking to add a refreshing, new face to your following, check out TikTok creator Andrea Lee. The sorority girl and USC student has garnered a following of over 67,000 followers, and she continues to grow due to her aesthetic content. Andrea shares everything from get ready with me videos, to fashion hauls, to lifestyle content like recipes and daily college vlogs.

Darcy McQueeny

If you’re on TikTok, Darcy McQueeny, the queen of GRWM vids and unboxing hauls, has probably made an appearance on your for-you-page. Darcy gives a true glimpse into the lifestyle of a senior sorority girl at the University of Alabama. She gets real about her sorority experiences, and chaotic nights out with friends. Be warned, after watching a few of Darcy’s videos, you’ll likely be convinced to add something to your Amazon cart.

Amaya Harvey

Emerging content creator Amaya Harvey is a student at Syracuse University, sorority member, and cheerleader. Her busy schedule means she has no lack of interesting college content to share. Amaya frequently posts get ready with me videos for her nights out, and day in the life vlogs. She’s open with her following when it comes to sorority advice and frequently shares tips on topics like going to frat parties.

Kylan Darnell

TikTok treats Alabama Rush like its own reality show, and last season’s star was Kylan Darnell. You may recognize Kylan by her signature line, “I hope you’re having a great day, not just a good day.” The former pageant queen turned sorority girl now takes to her platform to share her daily life as a college student. If you’re looking for major recruitment advice, Kylan is your girl.


Emma McGowin

Emma McGowin, also known as DollyPartonWannabe02, is another creator who first gained traction due to #BamaRushTok. She now uses her platform to spread positivity and encourage individuality. Through her daily outfit of the day videos, she showcases her unique style, and fun personality. If you’re looking for style inspo that will help you step out of your comfort zone, give Emma a follow.

Nellie Johnson

It’s no question that Alabama rush content is popular, but this year UMiami recruitment is taking over socials. Nellie Johnson recently gained traction this month participation in the spring recruitment process at the University of Miami. She shared her daily outfits and thoughts amid her rush experience. Everything about Nellie is aesthetically pleasing as she styles her pieces to perfection and welcomes us into her Miami lifestyle.


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Riley Saurage

If watching skin care regimens and outfit videos is right up your alley, then Riley Saurage is your girl. A student at Arizona State University, Riley welcomes viewers into her life as she gets glam for nights out and ASU game days. As a busy sorority member, Riley always reminds her following to prioritize self care above all else.

Chloe Weinstein

There’s something about the Weinstein sisters that TikTok just can’t get enough of. You might know Carly from her online presence and popular podcast, Hot Girl Talks, but have you met her younger sister Chloe? Chloe is a student and sorority member at Syracuse University where she serves ultimate *cool girl* vibes. For outfit inspiration and insight into the SU recruitment process, give Chloe a watch.


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Taylor Donoghue

Taylor Donoghue is a sorority member at James Madison University. She doesn’t hold back with her followers when it comes to sharing raw, honest, college advice. From relationships, to homesickness, to sorority recruitment — Taylor is constantly open and real on her platform. Keep up with her “day in the life” videos for an extra boost of daily motivation.

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