STYLE ADVICE: Sporty Street Style

Street style has been all the rage this winter season! Denim, slouchy, and sporty are all things that appeal to our fashion millennial selves. When considering advice to give to your peers about comfy and chic outfits, it’s important to give examples of pieces that are versatile.

This outfit screams everything street. From the white distressed Air Forces to the extremely unique detailing on this denim jacket, you can stand out from all the people you see walking around on campus! Back in the day, short denim jackets were everywhere. Now we see that the oversize look is all the rage. When picking out a slouchy top from your wardrobe, it will be important to balance out the outfit with form fitting pants. These white patterned pants bring out the neutral colors within the outfit. Pair them with some comfy flats or sneakers and you will be on your way!

Accessories could add a lot of spark to this look. A little bit goes a long way! A simple watch or bracelet will complete everything about this slouchy denim streetwear ensemble. In fact, having intricate details within a shirt or patterns on the pants could be just enough to go without accessories for a day! It’s always easy to look effortless when putting an outfit together. All you need are clothes that will make a statement and speak for themselves. Stay true to your style and wear what you feel comfortable in. Strut your stuff and help others feel great about themselves too!