STYLE ADVICE: Simply Spring

Spring is finally in bloom and this Fashionista like many others is coming out of winter hibernation, gone are the thick, heavy coats and scarves to be replaced with lighter, cropped jackets. Though still on the cooler side, this Fashionista’s outfit is an example of a great transitioning look between seasons. She is wearing a gray high necked striped short sleeved T-shirt underneath a faux leather jacket over some ripped blue denim jeans accompanied by some white Adidas Superstar trainers.

Though this Fashionista has opted to go jewelry free she hasn’t forgotten about playing up her natural features by opting to get herself a fresh manicure. The color palette is aptly suited to the spring season resembling fresh cherry blossoms. The single glitter polish accent on her nails harks to the festival season, which is just on the horizon.

On those days when you wake up and struggle to find something to wear take your cues from this Fashionista and remember sometimes simple staples are better. You can never go wrong with jeans, a T-shirt, and leather jacket. All necessities in any girl’s wardrobe.

To add a pop of flair to this look you could jump on the detailed jeans trend that is currently on the rise. Anything from embroidered, to sequined, to tasseled bohemian styled jeans would take this look to the next level.

Come summer she can style this outfit by removing the jacket and replacing it with a kimono style light weight top layered over a cute cropped T-shirt or spaghetti strapped blouse.

The Easter holidays are on the horizon and like many, I’m looking forward to dusting off and breaking my summer wardrobe. Happy Holidays!