I spotted this Fashionista on her way to Disney Springs for a rather cold day of shopping. With the weather ranging from 80 to 60 degrees in Florida during this time of the year, it’s important for your outfit to be flexible with these conditions. This simple, yet cute, style keeps you cool and comfortable while also staying fashionable.

The real beauty in this outfit is how simple it is. It doesn’t feel too busy with lots of layers or patterns. The colors are soothing, natural colors that are pleasant to the eye.  The black leather jacket with the matching ankle high leather boots balances the style while the maroon leather bag gives it a spot of color. The color of the bag is just enough to add to the outfit but not so much that it feels out of place with the neutral theme.  The material also helps with the flow of the outfit. The jacket, bag, and boots all having the same texture contributes to the simplicity of the style. The light copper knitted dress keeps the style from becoming flat. The different material, along with the color, gives the outfit that extra little touch to standout.

As someone who likes to carry a lot of items (I like to be prepared for just about anything), I love the size of the bag!  It’s not so large that it becomes a nuisance but not so small that you can’t carry all of your items. I would also like to note how comfortable this outfit looks. The knitted dress and the boots look relatively comfortable for a long day of shopping.