STYLE ADVICE: Schoolboy Cool

STYLE ADVICE: Schoolboy Cool

Grab your textbooks, adjust your frames, and get ready to get studious, schoolboy. But this time walk into lecture hall letting your sophistication speak for itself. Away with your typical cardigan, button-down, and those oxfords in a color so plain one can find their self cringing out of boredom. We’re breaking through the norms and stereotypes like rules, that say perhaps, a beanie, hoodie, and dress shoes? Just don’t mix. Your typical school attire doesn’t have to be so conventional. Spice it up with a dash of color, your untypical fashion piece, and enough confidence that’ll get your naysayers shook.

Also, I think it’s time we nix the idea that sophistication and prestige must parallel with your average getup of a “uniform.” So that would include the negative connotations associated with being “nerdy,” and that you can’t be chic or stylish in the midst of it. Beauty and brains, intellectuality and handsomeness, or smarts and charm never have to be one or the other. So let your look reflect that. The key to any form of expression and to showcase the uniqueness of any fashion sense, is staying true to who you are and not allowing social norms to construct whatever that may be.

Bridging the gap between sophistication and cool, fellow Fashionisto is adorning a beanie and jean jacket with a royal blue hoodie underneath. Not your average attire for the classroom, this studious individual however makes it work. With a light olive green pair of chinos and brown suede oxfords it shouts to the rooftops “suave but with intellect.” So, whether you’re hearing a final bell signaling for first period, or walking up the crack of dawn for that 8:30 a.m. class, let’s try to stay cool for school in the sunny weather ahead.

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