STYLE ADVICE: School Cutie

April 14th, 2017 at 2:00am

This style post is for those of you that are living in an unpredictable weather situation. Here in Maryland, every day it switches between too hot or way too cold. I’m not sure if mother nature realizes its spring! I spotted this cute Fashionista on campus, baring the crazy weather with her cute outfit.

This Fashionista has a minimalist approach on style but who cares when you look that cute? Simplicity is very common when running around campuses, but she really pulls it off. Our Fashionista is wearing a turtleneck striped shirt, this shirt does have a little crop to it, making it perfect for some warmer weather. Due to the unpredictable weather, our Fashionista felt she needed to add a North Face vest to protect against some recent wind and rain. The black vest adds a nice texture and plain color in contrast to her striped shirt.

Many people question why white shoes are purchased, I personally love white shoes to add a pop of bright color to an outfit. It’s totally ok if they get dirty! Don’t be scared to by white shoes they can easily be cleaned using bleach and a washer and dryer. This Fashionista’s outfit is on the darker side so her shoes help to brighten it up and look more appealing for the spring weather. I am a huge fan of cuffing jeans, I think they always look great with a simple outfit and this Fashionista pulled off that look! Sometimes during school, there is little to no motivation to dress cute, but this Fashionista made a cute look using simple clothes.

Stay tuned for more style trends at Stevenson University!