STYLE ADVICE: Places to Go, People to See

STYLE ADVICE: Places to Go, People to See

Do you ever feel like you’re just too busy to put together a cute outfit every morning? You wake up with a to do list already going through your mind and getting coffee is at the top of it. At this point in the semester especially, with midterm exams and mid-winter weather, leggings and a sweatshirt sound more appealing than ever. Before you slack on your style, here is some advice to keep you cool, calm, and collected during those times of craziness.

My love for the high fashion world started with binge-watching every episode of America’s Next Top Model. One of the most entertaining segments of the shows were the “go-see” challenges. Model contestants were given a map, taxi driver, and only a few short hours to make as many designer meetings as possible. Running around foreign cities, I always admired their ability to look so glamorous while on the go.

When I saw this Fashionista hopping from class to class, I couldn’t help but get major “go-see” vibes from her. It was the coldest day of the week, with snow just starting to fall. Still, she was rocking a beautiful coat unlike any I’ve seen before, and leather black booties she strutted in confidently. When I asked her how she could look so cute on such a crappy day she replied, “No matter how busy my day is, picking out an outfit that makes me look and feel good makes the rest of the day successful.” If Tyra Banks were there, she’d be smizing—I mean smiling.

To complete this busy bee’s comfy but chic look, she paired high-waisted jeans with a super simple turtleneck. I know what you’re thinking, jeans are not what comes to mind when you’re looking for something comfortable. Like kissing many frogs before finding your perfect prince, the same goes for finding the right pair of pants! With the right style and fit, you’ll feel as if you can accomplish anything.

Just as class and work are priorities, so is sticking to your style. I know you’ve got places to go, people to see, and not everyone accepts being “fashionably late”. To save time in the morning, lay out your look the night before. Instead of your usual parka, dress it up with a trench coat or bomber jacket. Swap your studs for statement earrings, which add a classy touch to any outfit. Slip into shoes with a heel and walk (or run), through your day with a newfound confidence. Your life may feel like it’s falling apart but at least your outfit is put together.