STYLE ADVICE: Oktobers’s Very Own Traveling Fashion Guide

There’s no better time to adventure abroad than to witness October’s very own… Oktoberfest that is! Preparing for her study abroad this fall, this international Fashionista took prepping for a European getaway and the German festival quite extensively. Ensuring that she could strut her stuff appropriately while traveling all across Europe, she combined dominant styles and aesthetics. Of course, focusing on those known as the most prevalent and sought after countries, such as France and Germany.

Starting off her killer look, she begins with a textured white top with elongated flare sleeves, reminiscent of the romance one would experience when traveling to France. Picture yourself roaming through the illuminated Parisian Avenue des Champs-Élysées from day to night in this posh look. Her outfit intertwines cultures, pushing it further with a pair of denim overalls; typical fashion of the German festival. Adding a twist to the basic denim bottoms are intricate floral appliqués that adorn the sides. This adds rich, bold color to the festivals somewhat strict visual color palette.

The European fashion traveling feat is accentuated as she adorns her neck with a bold floral ascot that plays up the slight intricate details of the appliqués that run along her thighs. She skips the stereotypical clogs for a more fashion forward look by rocking lace-up wood platform heels.

The look itself comes together so tastefully on its own, so she opts to solely rock a pop of color on her waterline to give her ensemble hints of a playful edge while she keeps the remainder of her makeup application pretty natural and simplistic. By doing this, she keeps the focus on her overall attire instead of distracting her audience by the details that create the look. A braided high ponytail resonates the fun and whimsical atmosphere one would experience from attendance at Oktoberfest, yet it still allows her to stand out among what would be expected to be a sea of braided pigtails.

This Fashionista sure is ready to embark on her international traveling excursion in style! I can’t wait to see what cultures she fuses together next with her personal style. Hopefully, you, too, can take a stab at fusing European fashion trends within your daily ensembles.