STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK:Dear Santa, I Want it All

As the weather outside is frightful and the holiday season is upon us, it is time to bring out a cozy sweater and cuddle up with a warm cup of hot cocoa. As the seasons change and the temperature becomes crisper, there is nothing like a fuzzy sweater and some warm pants to get you through this time of the year. It’s all about playing with fun and whimsical pieces, and at  this time of the year there are so many ways to get inspired.

The first thing that catches my eye about this look is cozy gray sweater with the words, “Dear Santa I want it all” beaded onto it. The designer’s decision to add beads was a nice change, as they chose not to add the simple embroidery or sequins that we’re used to. The Fashionista decided to go neutral for this palette, and paired her grey sweater with a pair of skinny black pants and boots; this helps pull together the outfit while not overshadowing the sweater. For accessories, she decided to stack two bracelets that not only complemented the outfit, but also her Pandora rings.

While this outfit looks really cozy, it can easily be glammed up. This Fashionista had a pair of black pumps in her arsenal for a presentation later on in the day, which really showcases the versatility of this outfit. By making a few tweaks you can completely change the whole look and feel!

Get inspired by this Fashionista! From the use of a neutral palette, you can play around with textures and have fun, making this outfit suitable for a variety of events. This Fashionista has added a little bit of holiday sparkle to a rather conservative palette.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Dear Santa, I want it all! By playing around with cute textured pieces you can really turn around any outfit. Neutral palettes can be fun, too! Also don’t be afraid to switch out your accessories and shoes to completely change the look and make it more versatile for your event.”