STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Winter Pieces for Spring

As most people believe, dark colored clothes are for winter. We use dark colors to represent the coldness of winter and would never connect it with spring. This Fashionista instead, used winter must-have essentials to state her spring attitude.

Her outfit starts with the purple tartan scarf that covers half of her upper body. Since spring in the Midwest is typically windy, a long winter scarf plays the part of a coat. It not only protects her from wind but also adds color elements into this spring look. When everyone on the street is trying to look more spring, you can simply dress lightweight winter pieces. The navy top adds a sense of ethnic feature into her outfit. It also shares the same color combination as her shorts, which matches harmoniously with the top. A lightweight black suit makes the whole look more professional. If you are having an interview, a black suit with a dark color top shows your tranquil personality. Another spark of her outfit is the black tote. Notice that the black tote is made of soft leather, which allows for more space. When you are having a light class load, a tote is the perfect size for some schoolbooks and your makeup. The Fashionista also made a smart choice on accessories. The metal accessories complements her skin tone nicely. The stud earrings are made of half black and half crystal, which look creative and dazzling under the sunlight.

Although late March can hardly be related to winter, you can state your attitude with winter pieces. They cover you from the chilling spring wind and make you stand out in the crowd. Dark purple, navy blue and pure black combined together create a stand out look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Winter pieces should not be hidden in the back of the closet yet. They are good for spring too!”