May 11th, 2016 at 2:00am

Us girls seem to have the most fun when it comes to getting dressed, but boys have been seriously stepping it up. Men’s fashion has become much more exploratory. They have found ways to spruce things up, especially with pattern play and over-the-top graphics! If one thing’s for sure, they definitely get the way more exciting (and more exotic!) prints than us chicks.

I spotted this Fashionisto killing the shirt game here on campus with his wild printed button-down, featuring trash cans on fire, Rottweilers and sewer rats. Interesting combination to say the least, but it sure got my attention! I love that OBEY took the classic mens button-down and turned it into a structured street wear piece. The clean lines give it a nice, put-together look but the print gives it edge. This trend is one to stay. Bold graphics simply give a much-needed creativity to men’s fashion.

I love the skater vibes this Fashionisto created in his campus-ready look. His shoes are a graphic tribal print and somehow go seamlessly with his Rottweiler print. He is also sporting the perfectly subtle touch of tall Vans socks, peaking out from his cuffed black jeans. A beanie is a staple in a guys closet, and as always looks great with his everyday look. This Fashionisto did print mixing right with his statement shirt and low-key sneakers, A+.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wear what you feel. My fashion sense is punk-rock meets dirty hippie. Unexpected but it works.”