What’s better than wearing a current fashion trend? That’s easy. It’s wearing a current fashion trend with a touch of humor. Adding a bit of wit to a wardrobe is key during a stressful week of school, whether that week is full of presentations or that dreaded math test. So how does one go about incorporating some humor into everyday attire? Just wear a graphic crop top like this fashionable Fashionista.

This modish Fashionista is totally rocking her trendy attire, especially with her hip crop top with the bright words DUDE boldly printed across it. In the most basic of words, crop tops are perfect for warmer weather. What makes crop tops even nicer are ones with cute and funny graphics on them, which can plant a smile on anyone’s face like this Fashionista’s. She also integrated her own unique style to the fashion trend of overalls. By wearing her light denim overalls with the straps hanging down, she was able to show off her funky graphic crop top because who won’t want to show off their clever side? This Fashionista’s cute black bucket purse matches her dark crop top and is ideal for carrying her much-needed everyday essentials. The white (such a trendy color for spring right now!) Nike sneakers added a sassy statement and a comforting appeal to the rest of her wardrobe. This Fashionista added simple and delicate jewelry to complete her outfit.

Overall, seeing an outfit this trendy and humorous makes me so ready for a huge shopping trip. If only I had the money (insert: typical college student response).

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Crop tops, bright colors and cute sandals are my go-to items for spring.”