Sometimes it seems that all praise-worthy fashion needs to look perfect and pretty. Girly prints and fancy jewelry get a lot of attention, but there are so many different styles out there that fly under the radar. There are “imperfections” that can be incorporated into outfits to make it really unique and cool. This Fashionista uses tears, holes and fading to make her stand out in the city crowd.

The broken-in feel of this Fashionsita’s outfit makes it look easy-going. When I first ran into her, I immediately thought she was too cool for me to talk to. Her crazy hair, bold lipstick and casual Levi Brand Jeans jacket just couldn’t go unnoticed. The jacket is perfectly worn in with rusted buttons, fraying edges and small random holes. It definitely doesn’t look new, and that is the cool part about it. The old look of the jacket gives character to the outfit.

This Fashionista is smart for wearing layers to accommodate for the changing temperatures. The weather in Pittsburgh is crazy at this time, so if it’s randomly warmer she can simply take a layer off. Each layer also gives a surprise such as the green plaid flannel or the printed T-shirt underneath. The jacket, flannel and T-shirt are all different materials and colors but still complement each other. This gives diversity throughout the outfit and makes it interesting to look at.

She pairs her edgy pieces with basics like black skinny jeans and Birkenstocks. Jeans like these are awesome to have in your closet because they go with everything for any season. Birkenstocks are a new trend that have moved from the middle-aged to the young crowd. The look this Fashionista pulls off convinced me to whip my own Birkenstocks out of the closet.

It is always refreshing to see style that is out of the ordinary. Although this Fashionista’s style is not like my own, I still think it’s awesome and interesting. It’s obvious she is trying new things in fashion and keeping things fresh. She looks great while successfully breaking the rules of “perfect” fashion.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wear what makes you comfortable and don’t pay attention to what fits best for your body. Clothes should match your personality, not your ‘body shape.’ Find that one go-to outfit that will always lift your spirit.”