Go! Fight! Win! Some of us may never sport varsity letters on the field, but we can fortunately stock our wardrobes with chic varsity stripes on the sleeves of dresses, shirts and jackets. Once a popular look from the ’60s and now a trendy must-have, I love watching fashion weave in and out of time, and I couldn’t cheer louder for varsity stripes to be back in action.

I adore how this preppy Fashionista played with the idea of varsity stripes. She tackled the look head on with her classic cut dress with zipper details on the sides, adding a touch of unexpected glamour. The soft fabric hangs flawlessly, which creates casual vibes that are spot on for any day of the week. With heavy clouds in the sky, this Fashionista was smart to sport black tights underneath her dress as well as her classic riding boots, detailed with gold hardware. This Fashoinista finished her look off with a dainty necklace of her name layered with a jeweled statement necklace, and kept it minimal with the rest of her jewelry. This Fashionista scored major points and just made varsity in my book.

Want to integrate this old school outfit into your everyday look? It doesn’t matter whether your personal style is modern and understated, too cool for school or timeless. Find the look that best suits you and sport it with confidence.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid to look for inspiration from different decades. You never know what gems you might find, like varsity stripes. It’s fun to search through your mom’s or dad’s high school clothes for trendy items or even head to the mall to check out modern takes on the same look!”