March 22nd, 2016 at 2:00am

For a city-lover, living in Gainesville, Florida can be difficult. It’s not easy to find urban fashion in a small college town in Florida, and finding someone making risky style choices is nearly impossible. Everyone falls into the gym shorts and T-shirt look that is comfortable, but not exactly the fashion forward style you would find in a big city; even I find myself guilty of this at times.

So how do we work around this? Be the one to take the risks. It’s really the only option. Urban fashion is all about making the choices that nobody else will and letting your personality shine. There’s so many ways to be risky when it comes to fashion, including wearing bold prints and loud colors. Choosing to be unconventional about what pieces match is a risk that, when successful, turns heads and causes envy.

This Fashionisto is one of those risk-takers that is bringing urban style to a fairly rural college campus. His distressed, light wash jeans and black graphic T-shirt keep the main components of the outfit understated so that the bold accessories aren’t overpowering. Pairing the camouflage jacket and leopard print backpack is eye-catching, but not in a bad way. The prints are similar enough that the clash isn’t distasteful, instead it’s admirable. By wearing these two prints together, this Fashionisto is exemplifying urban style with one daring choice. In a city, these prints would stand out against the concrete jungle; on a college campus, they stand out among the sea of T-shirts and collegiate sweaters. Either way, his choice sets him apart from the majority and showcases his personality.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I center my style on being different from everyone else. I don’t like wearing clothing that the majority of people wear; my style is more of an urban street type of thing. I just wear what fits my personality.”