As the leaves continue their gradual descent, exposing a complex network of branches, and the fallen leaves cover the ground with a thin, colorful blanket, it can be tricky to look fashionable while staying warm! A really easy way to keep your outfit looking chic while adding an extra layer of warmth is to accessorize with a cute wool hat, cozy gloves, or a knitted infinity scarf; these tasteful and fashionable additions are also practical and warm! Further, a quilted vest, plaid flannel, or an oversized turtleneck would be quick, easy choices that instantly insulate you from the dropping temperatures and pair perfectly with rosy cheeks and hot chocolate!

This month, the focus is all about finding a twist on the classic fall sweater. Switch it up from a V-neck to a crewneck or wear a sweater that has a unique print or graphic design. Sweaters pair perfectly with skinny jeans, leggings or a pencil skirt, but they are also cozy and keep you comfortable indoors and out!

This Fashionista is wearing a sweater with a unique variation, but it is still classy and comfy! Her sweater has a faux layering effect of a white collared shirt under a cashmere and wool, light grey, traditional sweater. The white collar, cuffed sleeves, and extended hem suggest the double layering of a classic button-down dress shirt with a soft sweater on top, but in reality, this sweater is a two-in-one! This top is just one piece, offering a twist on a classic crewneck sweater. This sweater is the perfect, go-to piece because it is warm and cozy, but the addition of the stylish Oxford button-down details spices up the traditional look!

For this outfit, she paired J Brand skinny jeans in a light, faded wash with the comfy and classy Joie sweater described above. Her tan Frye Boots with a harness detail mix up the riding boot default. The almost two-inch heel and the rugged appearance of the leather makes her outfit pop, while reinforcing our theme: adding a twist to fall essentials.

We can’t stop the leaves from falling or the temperature from dropping, but we can always spice up our traditional, autumn go-to pieces by finding unique variations on the essentials. Break out, switch it up, and stay warm!