Fall is the time when most of us, both reluctantly and excitedly, break out our jeans for the first time since spring. Yet, this season the runway trends have led us to ask a critical question: are the days of the skinny jean coming to an end? The answer to that is probably “no.” Although, the fashion gods have made us consider the comeback of flare jeans in light of the ‘70s revival trend dominating the runways.

Bell bottoms are not just reserved for the runways but are also a favorite among celebrities and street style stars. By scrolling through Instagram or Twitter on any given day, you can find fashion bloggers effortlessly sporting the vintage trend. The ‘70s were all about length: long hair, long necklaces, long dresses. It is no surprise that the distinct cut of flare jeans adds length to the legs, especially the mid-rise to high-rise pants, or when paired with heeled booties or sandals.

This Fashionista is proving that the trend is a must-have for campus life! Equipped with an embellished, fringed sweater and geometric, layered necklaces, she added perfect fall elements to complement her ‘70s vibe. From fringe to flare, this Fashionista is giving a vintage twist to her modern look.

Transitioning seasons gives way to transitioning wardrobes, which means that fall is the best time to try out new styles! Love the flare trend? Try incorporating flares into your fall fashion by pairing them with a cute suede jacket, a mood-hued floppy hat or a faux fur vest.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wear something that you feel comfortable and cozy in, even though it may be different from what other people like.”