I am a firm believer in lazy days. I absolutely love lounging in my pajamas or comfy sweatpants. Although I love dressing up for class some days, comfy loungewear needs some love too. As finals week approaches, my stress and workload increase rapidly. Whether I’m running to the library or my favorite coffee shop to study, I want to be comfortable. Jewelry distracts me and constricting waistbands can get uncomfortable after a while. My favorite trend of the moment is the printed pant.

This Fashionista embodies an absolutely perfect combination of style yet comfort. This is the ideal finals week attire! Her printed tie-dye pants are wide leg and have a drawstring waist; quite similar to my pajama pants at home! She pairs her printed pants with a basic black camisole. The fitted aspect of the camisole offsets the wide leg of the pants. She pairs a denim shirt over the breezy pants. For jewelry, she wears a long cross necklace and a wooden bracelet. Her white sneakers are a comfortable option during finals week.

Why are these pants so popular? These pants are great for warmer weather and can transition to slightly cooler weather. The wide leg is not constricting and the drawstring waistband is comfortable for all day wear. Fashion retailers have been stocking this trend in all different prints. From floral bohemian to tie-dye, you can find a print that is right for you. The printed pants are a great and quick stylish addition to any outfit. They also give you a chance to rock some basic staple pieces like white and black camisoles.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “As I run around campus, I have been loving my black slip-ons. They have a cool leather detailing that adds edge to any outfit. Shoes that add a small statement are a great subtle way to add some spice to your outfit.”