Raise your hand and say I if you love music and are a fangirl. If you didn’t do one of those two things, then you’re lying! If there’s one thing the majority of us relate to it’s fangirling over our favorite bands. We will definitely take the extra mile to buy a band’s merchandise, whether it’s their album, bracelet, headband or poster. No matter what it is, we will get our hands on it, which brings me to band T-shirts.

This Fashionista pairs her The 1975 band T-shirt with a houndstooth midi skirt and a pair of creepers. She takes a simple band tee and a classy print to next level glam rock. Band T-shirts have become a versatile piece. You can wear them with just about anything: skirts, jeans, shorts, jackets and flannels. You can play with different prints and colors—just get creative and have fun with it. This Fashionista’s creepers, also a popular trend, and cool rings bring in a punk vibe into the mix, and feeling underdressed will not be a concern. Let’s not forget about her bright red hair that complements her whole outfit and makes her stand out even more. This chica is ready to make heads turn.

Band T-shirts are a fun way to not only support our favorite artists but to play around with accessories and pretty much any article of clothing. They’re also a great way to spot another fan who might be supporting the same band as you. Who knows, maybe you’ll become the best of friends and stalk the band together?

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Band tees are a fun way to take an outfit to the next level and still support my favorite bands, so wear some of your old band tees and try it out. You won’t regret it!”