When it comes to spring and summer, there is no denying that floral patterns are always trendy. But one of the number one questions in all areas of fashion is how do you stay relevant while reusing pieces already in your wardrobe?

Today’s Fashionista answers this question easily by pairing a feminine, floral print skater skirt with black combat boots. She also wore a black crop top and carried a black leather cross-body bag with gold detailing. You can find a similar bag here.

Everyone expects floral patterns to be paired with lighter colors that are stereotypically feminine. However, today’s Fashionista mastered the idea of reinventing the floral pattern. By pairing her skirt with the leather combat boots and bag her outfit instantly became edgier. Also, by keeping with the black color scheme in her top, she allowed for her floral skirt to stand out while still juxtaposing the edgier elements perfectly. I think that combat boots paired with a skirt is such a chic look. It isn’t something that everyone expects to see and easily transitions into all seasons.

Just because floral patterns are seen as feminine doesn’t mean that you have to style them the same way every time you wear them. Switching up your style sometimes by making floral patterns look edgier is a great way to let the floral trend stay relevant while still maintaining a trendy look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “With summer coming up, don’t be afraid to explore trends that crossover to all seasons. The same old shorts and tank top look is cute and an easy go-to, but try to change it up a little this season!”