I think one of the problems that we girls all face daily is the non-stop desire for the clothes that we see on our Instagram feeds. We double tap this, we double tap that…at this point I’m pretty sure we’ve all used the quote “I wish that everything I liked on Instagram would magically appear in my closet” countless times. Despite this, I’ll be honest and say that half of the clothes I usually like are the ones I’d never be able to pull off. I call those clothes the “cool girl clothes.” Allow me to elaborate.

I’m a girly-girl, plain and simple. Give me skirts, dresses, skinny pants, heels and all that jazz and I’ll never say no. Pulling off the newest trends like the ripped boyfriend jeans, the chunky booties, the oversized jackets and the flannels sounds like the impossible to me. Now don’t get me wrong—the fact that I wouldn’t be able to wear them does not mean that I don’t love seeing them on other people. There’s always something extremely appealing about the casual, effortlessly edgy and cool style that makes me a little jealous inside.

This Fashionista is the definition of “cool.” Her look is without a doubt hip, edgy and head-turning. Sporting a pair of dark wash gray ripped skinny jeans, she did not fail to make a statement. To maintain her rebellious rocker-chic vibe, while at the same time keep her outfit more casual and appropriate for school, she wore a vintage inspired concert T-shirt under a red and black flannel shirt, which she also tied around her waist (perks of the spring slowly advancing upon us). Her leather booties with gold details add a more feminine touch to the outfit and make her stand out from a crowd even more. As for accessories, she stacked plenty of bracelets on one hand and a beautiful chunky gold watch on the other, put on a few midi rings and a black simple necklace and the look was complete…um no, not quite, I take that back. Her classic black Ray-Ban Wayfarers add the finishing touch and tie the whole look together. Now everything’s complete.

Well done girl, your outfit is #OnPoint.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Make edgy happen! Don’t be afraid to bring out the cool, rebellious side of you out through your outfit. You never know, you might just end up being obsessed with it.”