STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Tasteful Turtlenecks

For a long time, turtlenecks have been the joke of old childhood photos. They were viewed as being extremely tight around the neck and overly conservative. In this day, however, turtlenecks are fashionable pieces that function in providing warmth and style. One of the greatest aspects of turtlenecks is that they come in numerous designs that are completely unique from one another. Whether the style exhibits a more stringent neckline or one that has a more slouched and relaxed nature, turtlenecks are appropriate for a variety of occasions.

This Fashionista was spotted wearing a turtleneck sweater on her way home from class. The various small details of this turtleneck ultimately make the simple piece very appealing and chic. Its burnt orange color creates a sense of warmth in the Fashionista’s outfit and brightens her face as a result. With the free-form nature of its neckline, the turtleneck portrays a more trendy and laid back look. The sense of movement in the neck also allows the Fashionista to place it in the position that they like best, giving the top a more individualistic feel. The detail of this turtleneck is further portrayed through the pleat on the back of the sweater. This gives the sweater an oversized nature, while allowing it to still maintain a sense of structure. The pocket that exists in the front of the sweater makes the sweater ideal for a chilly day while also standing out against others. Matched with a dark pair of high-waisted jeans and tall brown boots, the earthy color combination is classy and inviting. The Fashionista also added an extra touch through the gold watch she is wearing. This breaks up the monochromatic nature of the clothing and offers a new element of interest to the ensemble.

Turtlenecks are now being seen in a variety of different clothing items, including sweaters, dresses, jackets and sweatshirts. Their diverse nature allows for many different styles that can interest a wide range of people with varying likes and desires. Dressed up with tasteful jewelry and matched with the right bottom and shoes, turtlenecks can even be ideal for a night out! Say goodbye to the age of the embarrassing turtleneck.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Take note of small changes! Rather than buying the same exact thing as everyone else, look for variations of the same piece. Small differences can add up and truly making an outfit more interesting.”