Some people would say boots are a seasonal item. I would like to argue that combat boots should be worn all year round. Their popularity has been spreading over the last few years with Dr. Martens on the rise. Combat boots’ tomboyish charm spreads to complement the most feminine looks. Have you tested the water with this trend yet?

One of my favorite bloggers is a huge combat boot and T.U.K.’s wearer. Lua from LE HAPPY often pairs chunky shoes with darker colors. A great item to pair with combat boots is a pair of high-waisted jeans. In the winter combat boots are perfect with a thick pair of flannel socks which can be switched out for cute ruffles during summer. But what I love about combat boots is their ability to be paired with a bright floral sundress.

This Fashionista’s simplicity of pairing brown combat boots with an all-black outfit was a bold choice. Her hair and the burgundy socks complement the brown in the boots while the black in the boots adds to this military vibe. As this trend spreads into different fashion alleys, I see Fashionistas/os mix and match combat boots with crazy patterns, velvet and overalls. I think a big reason college girls are leaning toward combat boots more is due to the spread of the millennial California Girl image.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Always be comfortable whether it is sitting through a lecture or going shopping with your girls. Combat boots are perfect for jeans, shorts, leggings and skirts. They are also snow proof for the winter and comfortable to be outdoors during the warm summer months.”