If you haven’t noticed, oversized scarves are on-trend this year. They were a hot item all winter, and now they are a hot item for spring as well. Oversized wool scarves kept us warm during winter, and this spring we are beginning to see these same scarves in lighter, cooler materials with fun patterns, prints and colors. However, here in Rhode Island we are still enduring 40 degree weather and the oversized wool scarves haven’t been put away just yet.

This Fashionista’s beautiful oversized pink scarf caught my attention, and I literally chased her down to ask if I could take her photo. She may have thought I was crazy, but I couldn’t let style like this go unnoticed. Her light pink scarf contrasts beautifully with her gray jacket from H&M. I especially love how she kept the scarf long. Instead of looking like she was all bundled up in her scarf, she looked quite chic and carefree.

An oversized scarf can prevent a look from appearing too tailored. This Fashionista executed the “I woke up like this” trend by keeping her jacket unbuttoned and her scarf untied. This look is both edgy and chic. The combat boots and her ring were the perfect touch to add just a little more edge to complete the look. It is also nice that both the boots and the jacket are black, because it makes the pink scarf pop even more. That’s also what is so great about the oversized scarves. They are the perfect accessory to add a little splash of color and excitement to a look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Sometimes the untailored, undone look can be quite fabulous. An oversized scarf is the perfect accessory to pull off this look.”