May 13th, 2015 at 2:00am

The sun has finally come out to play. It is the only thing that makes getting up for finals a little bit easier. Studying is not that bad of a nuisance now. You can take a blanket outside, bring your books, lounge on the grass and get to work, while listening to the birds and bugs fly around you as your face is stuck in a book. The only thing you truly need for a beautiful sunny day is a pair of sunglasses. There is one problem with the sun and that is that it blinds you silly. Sunglasses are the only saviors for sunny days.

This Fashionista’s oversized round frames completely block the sun from her cheeks and eyes. I love her choice of sunglasses because they are mirrored. If you ever need to check your makeup, just take the mirrored sunglasses off and look. The colors that are purple and orange. I am sure that when you have them on, you will see the world in those colors. There is a quote that says, “You see life through rose colored glasses.” It’s like seeing the world in a different reality, so seeing life through purple and orange colored glasses should be just as great.

The Fashionista’s ensemble consists of an oversized, off the shoulder, V-neck sweater. Underneath the sweater is a white T-shirt. She pairs it with a white and black striped skirt. Her outfit is quite an athletic look, especially because she combines it with a pair of black Nike sneakers. It consists of the red Nike logo and blue laces. I thought that her sneakers definitely helped wrap up her look perfectly.

This Fashionista is ready to run across the Quad until she finds her perfect spot. Once she finds her spot, the sun will not kill her eyes while she studies away.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Practicality!”