STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Stylin' School Staples

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Stylin' School Staples

Going back to school brings on a plethora of new things: new classes, new professors, new goals and of course, new outfits! I would be lying if I said I didn’t try to update my wardrobe multiple times a year, especially before the fall semester. It always interests me to see what trends are back for this chilly season and what trends will probably never see the light of day again. Back to school shopping can be fun and full of impulse buys (I say this from past experience), but keep in mind the essentials that will become staples in your closet for the semester.

This Fashionista had the right idea! Her outfit is simple (no over-accessorizing or crazy patterns here), yet feminine and classy. At first glance, the blouse she was wearing caught my attention. This soft blue tone is one of my favorite colors and I especially loved the bow tied at her collar. A basic blouse like this is a great piece to wear to class, for work or even for a night out. However, the most versatile piece she wore would have to be her jeans. Dark wash denim is a must. The jeans balance out this specific outfit because of the colors of her purse, blouse and shoes; all of lighter shades.

My favorite piece worn by this Fashionista was definitely her Fossil watch; another back-to-school staple. Of course we often refer to our cell phones when checking the time or date, but when these are tucked away somewhere, it’s easier to simply glance at your wrist. The elegant details of this rose gold beauty are also enough to accessorize almost any outfit. Speaking of accessories, how ’bout a cute tote to carry books and notes around in instead of a backpack? I have seen many people on campus take on this trend because totes don’t take up too much space and are typically the more stylish option. Oftentimes, a neutral-colored one is the best choice because it has more versatility.

Last but certainly not least, let’s talk about this Fashionista’s awesome shoe choice. Strappy heels are becoming increasingly popular; sometimes it seems the strappier, the better. These allow your feet to breathe while maintaining the stylish look of a heel. She even mentioned that they’re super comfortable (a plus)!

Aside from the individual pieces here, I also like the fact that this Fashionista brought together basics from both summer and fall to create this look. It’s finally beginning to cool down here in Tennessee and with school back in session, I’d say that she made some great wardrobe choices.