The heavens have blessed us in Canada and we are no longer battling the treacherous unforgiving weather. Well at least for now. In fact, this week has been pretty much spring weather and you know what that means. Fashion comes without a cost. Don’t believe me? Take it from this Fashionisto I came across who was rocking this effortless yet edgy look. Now normally I don’t report on men’s fashion but this ensemble caught my eye and I decided to dedicate this article to the guys for a change.

The color camel has been in vogue this season so naturally I was ecstatic to see it on one of my favorite jacket styles on men and women: the bomber. I really appreciated the black fabric detail on the collar and cuffs, making the jacket more up-to-the-minute. What I also loved was how this Fashionisto played down the the T-shirt and denim jeans to bring more focus on the jacket. The black on black really pulled the whole look together. I felt that the camel, brown and navy wristbands and the watch were also a very cool touch; total ‘arm candy’ status.

I may be giving off the impression that the camel bomber was my favorite feature of the Fashionisto’s attire, but hold your horses! There’s more! For me, the highlight of the look was definitely the white sneakers. With even female fashion front runners ditching their heels for sneakers, it’s quite prevalent that comfort has been a vital part of fashion this season. And it’s clear that we no longer have to choose between style and comfort. I have stopped counting the number of times I have seen various people rock the adidas Original Superstars (always a classic). These plain white sneakers were however, a breath of fresh air that ironically also took my breath away. Paired with black denim, the white really stood out. All in all, I thought this look was very hip and this Fashionisto pulled it off really well.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Simplicity is key. But adding that one factor that stands out is the key that opens the lock.”