STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Steal Your Boyfriend's Style

Sometimes I think us Fashionistas were ripped off when it comes to fashion. Sure we have the option to be way more versatile when it comes to clothes; we have all types of garments to chose from. The variety outweighs the Fashionistos’ choices by a mountain. However, our choices seem to be a lot less comfortable. Skinny jeans and bodycon dresses don’t make for the best loungewear. Even jean shorts and blouses get uncomfortable when worn for too long. Boys have it easy; their oversized shirts in comfortable fabrics almost have me convinced to take on the tomboy look full time. Lucky for me, a trend has surfaced that has made oversized, comfortable and masculine clothes super chic. “Stealing your boyfriends style” has taken over every aspect of women’s apparel. Starting with ripped and baggy jeans, also known as boyfriend jeans, the trend took off with a nod to the mom jeans of the ‘80s. Moving into blazers and blouses, the trend is supported through all styles of clothing. I’m happy to say that the oversized look is here to stay and I will be taking full advantage of this trend while it lasts.

This Fashionista loves this trend, too. Here, she is sporting an oversized button-down that is perfect for weekend wear. It’s a masculine and grunge look that works well with her jean shorts and a messy topknot. I especially love that she chose to pair the outfit with her glasses. It’s a simple outfit that can be thrown together with little effort and still looks great for running errands, grabbing lunch or even hitting the movies. This button-down is also a great staple to have in your closet because it can be adapted to any occasion when paired with different pants and accessories. For example, combined with slacks and a pointed toe pump you’d be work ready. You could even take the boyfriend style to the next level and whip out your boyfriend jeans with it. Anyway it’s worn, this shirt can be taken from casual to chic in a matter of minutes.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I always am looking to be comfortable, whether it’s going to class, shopping on the weekend or going out to dinner I always want to look my best while being as comfortable as possible.”