April 24th, 2015 at 2:00am

No one can deny the constant desire to wear sweats every day to class. Especially on days with 8:00 a.m. classes and working on two hours of sleep, the reality is real. There are many ways to wear a cute outfit and still feel like you are wearing sweats and with little to no effort. Smoking slippers, one of my favorite go-to shoes, have been around for a couple of seasons now and continue to stick around for the 2015 spring season. These shoes work like an accessory because they can be versatile, comfortable, but also make a statement.

The smoking slippers literally have the word slippers in the description so you can’t go wrong with finding some comfort. These shoes are great because they can be simple or bold through prints, colors or even embroidery like the pair this Fashionista is wearing. They go great with any style because there are so many different types. From celebrities like Kanye West to Taylor Swift and many bloggers alike, this shoe can be transformed for any type of style or mood. There is even some cute cat smoking slippers you can find here. Try wearing them with skinny jeans or ankle crops to show off the shoes. This Fashionista wears her smoking slippers with a black tank, unbuttoned printed blouse and little accessories for an everyday cute look for day of classes and work.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t wear something you don’t feel confident or good in. If you don’t feel good in what you are wearing, it shows. Wear what makes you feel good and in return you will look good.”