I try so hard to avoid the cold weather. I stay inside. I drive my car short distances, and when it is cold, I will deny it as if my wishful thinking will bring a warm front to Wilmy. Whereas I often end up chilly and mistaken, this Fashionista suffered far less than I. There is no use denying it: the cold weather isn’t gone for good. (Plus, sales for jackets and coats are incredible right now!)

What I fell in love with on our Fashionista here, spotted looking cool and collected (and warm!), was her coat. Skirted coats are the perfect, dressy outerwear. No, you don’t need to be wearing a skirt or dress beneath them, and you instantly look more polished and feminine. There is no way to go wrong, and since everybody is only going to see your outerwear and shoes, you need to rely on a coat for fashion and warmth. Our cute Fashionista is absolutely stunning in a neutral navy with a preppy pop of color coming from her bright red scarf.

Skirted coats not only look fabulous, but they slim you down a little as well! With every Fashionista having a different style, you can rock this shape in coordinance with the latest military-style trend, a feminine touch, or a bold color. With a tight belt or accentuation on your natural waist, a Fashionista can look anything but bulky as winter slows down.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Try to break out from what you see around campus. It is easy to throw on a sweatshirt and scarf to get to class in the morning, but sweet, structured coats make me feel more polished and ready for the day.”