Shoes are one of the items in an outfit that add a lot to it. Sometimes shoes can make or break an outfit. There are so many of them depending on colors, styles and shapes, which make it hard to just have a few pairs of them. They can also change as the seasons change and play a big role in every outfit. Despite that, very often they can be an expression of someone’s personality or different moods depending on the day. One trend that is a very popular and has been is bright colored shoes. This trend started during summer but it seems that is coming back after the cold weather during the wintertime.

This Fashionista’s shoes are very popular because they are stylish, comfortable and make a very strong fashion statement. The color purple is a great color for this outfit because it gives the whole outfit warmth and brightness. The two colors of the shoes and scarf work very well to complement each other. Each of the pieces adds something different and unique to the outfit. Another item of the outfit is her jeans. This kind of shoe goes very well with jeans and the shade of the denim really emphasizes the purple (making the shoes stand out even more). The next piece of the outfit is the black jacket which really showcases the brightness and colorfulness of the scarf and shoes in this outfit. The black color balances the outfit and it tones it down and makes the shoes and the scarf stand out more as a result.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “There is no wrong time to wear bright colors as long as you balance them well.”