As much as I love vibrant splashes of color, there’s something about a monochromatic look that just exudes sophistication. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you’ll catch me throwing out all the color in my wardrobe any time soon.

For the past few seasons, monochromatic looks have definitely been making some waves on the runways and on the streets as well. While most Fashionistas/os may instantly think of all-black or all-white looks, there’s much more to this trend than meets the eye. Whether it’s coral, charcoal gray or sky blue that you’re obsessing over right now, testing out a monochromatic look in an unexpected hue is an insanely good idea.

No matter what your style is all about, incorporating a monochromatic ensemble into your daily looks is a simple task. If you’re not sure how to test out this trend, consider the Canadian tuxedo (a.k.a. denim on denim). Pair a chambray button-down with a pair of jeans in a similar color for a look that screams street-style chic.

If you’re currently inspired by shades of blue, take a few styling cues from this clever Fashionisto as well. He wears navy blue trousers and a lighter-colored button-down for a look that’s laid back but extremely cool. As for the final touches, this Fashionisto finishes his look off with a classic belt and a navy blue pair of leather brogues for an outfit that is effortlessly chic.

Next time you’re faced with a wardrobe rut, consider following in the steps of this Fashionisto and opt for a monochromatic ensemble.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “On days when I feel uninspired, I like to incorporate some monochromatic pieces to give my look a little freshness.”