March 26th, 2015 at 2:00am

Say goodbye to those bone-chilling cold winter days. Welcome the warmer days of spring! Spring can be puzzling when it comes to a Fashionista styling herself for the day. The mornings are cool and the afternoons are warm. Do I want to dress warm in the morning and practically have a heat stroke in afternoon? Do I want to dress for the warm afternoon and freeze in the morning? Neither of the options sounds appealing to me. One of the most perplexing factors of spring, for me, is florals. Can I wear them without looking like my grandma’s old couch? Is it okay to wear florals in the spring? This Fashionista demonstrates how to effortlessly forget about all the rules and typecasts of wearing florals in spring.

Yes, we should all know by now that wearing florals in the spring isn’t groundbreaking; but it is classic. Groundbreaking or not, florals will always be “in” for spring. This Fashionista created a refreshing spring look by mixing patterns with her floral blazer and striped T-shirt. Her quarter-length sleeve is warm enough for those chilly morning walks to and from class, yet cool enough for those warm afternoons. I love this blazer. The fact that it’s not made up of the typical soft colors that floral pieces are usually created with is great!

She completes her ensemble with a pair of classic black skinny jeans, a black tote and black oxfords. The neutral pieces act as a background to showcase this Fashionista’s fabulous blazer. Her outfit is fashionable, yet sensible. This Fashionista has definitely convinced me to forget about the rules and work florals into my spring wardrobe!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t follow the rules. Make sure you wear what makes you feel comfortable. Make sure you wear what makes you feel beautiful. Fashion isn’t about being put in a box, it’s about expressing yourself.”