Some people love a rainy day; others not so much. I guess it all depends on if you can spend that day “Netflix and chilling” or if you’re stuck running around from class to class. This Fashionista was caught in between periods of pouring rain, but the way she looked, I could tell she knew how to save some fashion for a rainy day. You see, rainy days can be monotonous enough, so why not do the unexpected and whip out a boss outfit? It may require a little extra energy, but trust me when I say that wet hair looks less like a hot mess when paired with a trendy outfit rather than paired with leggings and a GWU sweatshirt.

A lot of the time its hard to decide what qualifies as appropriate for a rainy day. Are you going to go with a hooded sweatshirt for protection or is it so bad out there that a heavy raincoat is a necessity? However, for us Fashionistas, an ugly yellow raincoat just isn’t the answer. So what’s the solution? In my experience, and that of this week’s Fashionista, sometimes an umbrella can do more than just project you from getting soaked. It is the one thing you can use to stay dry that won’t obstruct your outfit. Any umbrella will keep you dry and looking cute because an over-sized sweatshirt or rain poncho are totally unnecessary.

In simpler terms, grab an umbrella and stay fashionable. Take a look at this Fashionista, for example; she wasn’t going to let a little rain stop her from looking and feeling good. Her outfit is edgy, but easy to put together. Let’s break it down! Here’s what you’ll need to create your rainy day look: comfortable booties that can get wet, ripped skinny jeans, a twist on the traditional sweater, some killer accessories and a little extra something to keep you warm.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My style ranges from preppy, and athletic-chic to street sexy and casual. Depending on my mood and the weather, I dress differently which gives me a chance to experiment with a variety of styles. From lululemon leggings with leather Nike sneakers to rag & bone jeans with fun sweaters, I’m always mixing it up. Today, I wore black ripped jeans and a white mesh long-sleeve top with a belt and black rugged boots. I added black hat because it’s cute and because I was cold. It was rainy today, but I had a stylish outfit on that kept me dry and warm! Although rainy days make me want to stay in sweatpants, sometimes it is fun to dress up and mess with clothing and accessories to add some sunshine to a gross day. Have fun ladies!”