It’s no surprise by now that the 1970s are coming back in style. From the various runway shows featuring all looks for spring, summer, pre-fall and even fall, it is apparent by now they we are going back in time. What better season to have it emerge than spring? Flowing maxi dresses, flared jeans and bright colors are sure to make way this season. Having this style come a little early, I spotted this Fashionista in between classes and was automatically hooked on her psychedelic vibe.

The first piece that stood out to me, of course, was her white furry vest. The white vest gave the right texture for the look, but one of my favorite parts was the hidden detail. The inside lining gave an awesome pop of blue and pink floral. A statement piece such as this usually goes well with a solid colored top. However, this Fashionista pulled this look off with a funky printed button-down. The great part about this look is that the mix of blues, greens and orange make the white on her vest stand out even more! Keeping it simple, as well as staying in touch with the current decade, she donned a pair of light wash skinny jeans. The light wash is appropriate for the season, welcoming spring in full force. The wear and tear in the jean gives a cool look, but yet still gives a polished feel. To tie the look together, this Fashionista made the chose a pair of nude flats, giving extra attention to the top half of her outfit. Sticking to the era, she wore large dangling earrings and chunky rings.

Sometimes trying to make a look from decades past work can be really tricky. Instead of backing away from returning trends, take a chance! Whether you like it or not, the 1970s are returning in a bold way.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I dress accordingly to however my mood is that day. I also coordinate my outfit by what interests me or what trends are in.”