It is spring time! I don’t know about everyone else, but my favorite season of the year is spring. From the nice breezy weather to beautiful colors that people start wearing, everything about spring makes me happy. Although April showers bring May flowers, I am definitely not looking forward to all the possible rain we will have this month. Crossing my fingers that the weatherman is wrong on all his predictions. If he happens to be right on all his forecasts, why fight the rain? I guess it’s time to learn how to enjoy it!

Let’s take some lessons from this Fashionisto I spotted on a gloomy day on campus. Not only does his outfit protect from the possible rain and mist, but it also keeps him stylish throughout the day. He’s rocking a cool button-up with different minuscule printed designs on it. To match the color of the designs, he pairs his shirt with some brick-colored jeans cuffed nicely at the bottom. He sports a pair of mahogany boots—perfect for keeping your feet dry while trying to walk through all those puddles. This Fashionisto topped off his outfit with the perfect choice of outerwear. Nothing shields away the rain better than a windbreaker! He chose a navy windbreaker with color-blocked sleeves of burgundy, which only complements his color palette. And not to forget, he keeps his head dry with a gray beanie.

So let’s not be scared of the upcoming rain. There’s no time to be stuck inside. Get inspired by this Fashionisto and be rain ready!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Sweatpants are ‘give up on life’ pants.”

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