When you think of rainy day attire, you probably imagine a go-to pair of rain boots and a basic, black water repellent jacket. While this option may be practical, it’s far from chic or trendy. Creating an outfit that is both on-trend and water resistant can be quite a feat. However, this is a Fashionista who understands exactly how to assemble a fashion-forward look that can withstand the elements.

The look this Fashionista is rocking is perfect for a rainy day because it’s an unexpected twist on rain gear. While it’s all water repellant, it is also eye-catching and fashionable. Rather than opt for your run-of-the-mill raincoat, this Fashionista selected a neutral colored jacket that’s hooded and long enough to keep her covered and dry. To keep her feet warm and toasty, she nixed the classic rubber rain boot for a pair of Timberlands. Her choice is sturdy, waterproof and trendy. She completed this casual, neutral ensemble with a pair of denim, cuffed at the bottom for added interest.

Even though the weather is dreary, don’t lay off the accessories! This Fashionista made her look even more unique by selecting brightly colored extras. Her umbrella, a must-have when showers are in the forecast, is far from boring, featuring a blue plaid pattern. This is an item you can really have fun with when you create your own rainy day look. From bright-colored graphics to abstract polka-dots, there’s a pattern and style that fits every personality and desired aesthetic. She added another element of color with her cross-body bag. In the event that the winds pick up and the rain pours down, a cross-body bag allows you to be hands free so you can hold on to that umbrella while rushing to your destination. A bright spring color, whether it be kelly green, aqua blue or light lavender, is the perfect choice! Her look was finished off by the bold manicure and simple, delicate jewelry!

The next time it rains, think twice about slipping into your basic rain gear. Try to be a little unpredictable when selecting your waterproof outerwear. By choosing unique cuts, fabrics and bright accessories, you’ll stand out in the crowd while still staying dry.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Top off any neutral outfit with a bright accessory. It’s an easy way to make yourself stand out, even on a rainy day!”