With the occasional rainy days in the fall season, most people are sporting their favorite rain boots. There can be a negative connotation with rain boots since they may not appeal to everyone’s fashion taste.  However, this Fashionista manages to look put together with her rain boots despite the rainy, drowsy weather.

One item that stood out to me from this Fashionista’s outfit is her Hunter boots. Hunter boots are probably the most popular type of rain boots and can be seen on almost every college campus. How does one style Hunter Boots? This Fashionista decided to take the casual and comfortable approach by using a neutral color palette. She paired her boots with some simple black jeans and a blue and white pinstripe button-up shirt. Instead of opting for the traditional black jacket, this Fashionista chose to wear a camel, trench coat. The camel color is a pleasant surprise and complements her dark colored jeans and boots. Additionally, camel was also a huge fashion trend and this Fashionista is bringing it back! She kept her accessories simple with a blue and white striped watch, which matched slightly with her top. Finally, this Fashionista carried an umbrella to shield herself from the rain. Now that you’ve seen this Fashionista rocking it,  I encourage you to rock your favorite rain boots on those rainy days!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I always try to dress according to the weather, my mood and how comfortable I want to be. In college, you are walking around all day from class to class so you need to take those three things into consideration.”