STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Psychedelic Layers

February 26th, 2016 at 2:00am

As I found myself on the elevator of my apartment complex, I ran into this stylish chick. Her outfit is an array of different colors and patterns, which seems like a crazy thought at first. This is one of the most unique outfits I have had the pleasure of coming across this year!

The look consists of so many different components that may seem crazy at first glance, but are truly pleasing to the eye. There was a snow storm in Bloomington when I met up with this Fashionista, and she made me forget about all the gray in the sky with all of the colors she had on. She took a tie-dye crop top and layered it with a majestic looking button-down. I mean who doesn’t love a good button-down? On top of the button-down, she layers a camouflage jacket with a killer tiger sewn on. Then, she takes a simple light wash jean and pairs it boots that have fire graphics on them. Since the snow is so blinding to the eye, she is also rocking some Ray-Bans.

This look is perfect for any casual event you may be attending, whether it is a night on the town or a chill lunch with some friends. If the temperature is warmer where you are, try taking off the camo jacket, and going with just a crop top and button-down.

What is your STYLE ADIVCE OF THE WEEK? “Never let the weather dull your outfit. Throw on some bright colors and layer your clothing for a fabulous outfit.”