This Fashionista’s favorite color is pink! Not everyone is able to incorporate pink into their outfits, but this Fashionista knows how to do it flawlessy.

This Fashionista’s pink coat is definitely the star of the outfit. Wearing such a large item in a bright color can sometimes be overwhelming. However, this Fashionista balances the entire outfit by wearing a white sweater and a pair of skinny black pants. White and black matches with any color. White visually brightens an outfit while black visually darkens it, this allows the pink to stand out without being overwhelming.

This Fashionista is also wearing a bright pink lipstick which matches perfectly with her pink coat. By keeping the rest of her makeup clean, simple and bright she is able to wear a beautifully bright colour on her lips. The white turtleneck sweater also helps to balance out the lips since it visually draws attention up towards the lipstick via the turtleneck.

This outfit is also wonderfully paired with cute accessories. This Fashionista is wearing a statement necklace with white crystals and rhinestones. The gold chain also matches the multitude of rings that add a cool edge to the outfit. Of course, if you’re going to be being wearing pink, make sure that you apply a coat of pink nail polish, too.

To match the rest of the outfit, this Fashionista is carrying a cute black satchel. She also has a cute pink-pom pom keychain as an accent piece to go with the rest of her outfit. The best part about a keychain is that you can add it to anything (lanyards, backpacks or even a clutch) to match the outfit you’re wearing that day.

Lastly, this Fashionista finishes the outfit off with a cute pair of black booties! The black booties help to balance the outfit since all of the bright and lighter colors are on the top half of the body, while the darker colors are on the bottom.

This Fashionista knows how to look pretty in pink, do you?

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “The color pink is my absolute favorite thing to incorporate into my look, adding to my overly feminine style. It is my all time favorite color. I always add a good pop of pink ,whether it’s in my lipstick shade, my outer wear (this coat) or other garments and accessories. My advice for wearing pink would be to pair it with other neutral colored pieces to have the color stand out, like my black skinny jeans and white turtleneck. Or pair pinks and other colors together with similar color intensities like pastels or bright neons.”